Sweax is a thin liner that has adhesive glue on one side and a soft, comfortable layer on the other. The adhesive side of the liner is placed on the inside of your blouse, shirt or dress and the soft, comfortable side will be resting on your armpit. When you begin to sweat throughout your day, Sweax will act as a barrier, preventing the sweat from reaching your blouse or shirt or dress. When you’re done for the day, simply remove the liner from your clothing and throw away into the recycling bin.

Sweax Advantage

>> Distinctive Shape - allowing for movement without restriction, so the liner does not move out of position.

>> Ultra Thin White Colour - ensuring Sweax is non-visible and discreet.

>> Specially Formulated Adhesive - ensuring the liner will never fall out of your blouse, shirt or dress, but engineered so that it can easily be removed without ruining your clothing.

>> Highly Absorbent - ensuring long-lasting protection giving you sweat-free confidence all day long.

>> 100% Guarantee - We are so confident that Sweax will prevent those embarrassing sweat marks that we are willing to offer you a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

If you are not 100% satisfied with your online purchase of Sweax Underarm Liners, mail us back at least 5 of the 6 boxes purchased with your name and address and we will give you a full refund.

Sweax Limitations

  1. Sweax does not prevent you from sweating, it only protects you from the embarrassing sweat marks and protects your clothes from getting ruined or discoloured from deodorant and sweat stains.
  2. Sweax does not prevent odour, so we recommend you use a deodorant while using Sweax. The deodorant will make you smell nice and Sweax will absorb your sweat.