Q. Can Sweax Underarm Liners be used on any fabric?

Sweax Underarm Liners are suitable for most fabrics - it is up to the users discretion as to which garments to adhere Sweax to.

Q. What if Sweax Underarm Liners won’t stick to my garment?

Sweax Underarm Liners will not adhere to soiled garments. Apply Sweax to clean garments only. If this is not the case, ensure you are pressing firmly on the liner when adhering it to your shirt.

Q. What if some of the liner gets stuck to my garment and I am unable to remove it?

Any glue remnants that may remain on the garment can be easily removed by placing the garment in a normal, cool wash. Before drying the garment, peel any remnants off. Avoid applying any cleaning products directly on the liner.

Q. Where should I place Sweax to ensure no sweat marks?

As one’s ‘sweat area’ is generally forward of the garment seams, placing Sweax to the front side of the garment seams and changing Sweax as needed, will ensure no sweat marks.

Q. Can I re-use my Sweax Underarm Liners?

Sweax Underarm Liners are disposable and designed for one wear only.

Q. What is the difference between the Large and Medium Sweax liners?

The size! They are both different sizes to accommodate different body sizes.

Q. I am female, can I use Sweax Large?

YES! Depending on an individuals ‘sweating habits’ and size, men and women can use either Sweax product.

Q. Can I wash my garment with Sweax Underarm Liners still attached?

We recommend that the liner is removed before washing. However, Sweax will NOT disintegrate like a tissue! Do NOT put Sweax into a tumble dryer. Do NOT iron your garment with Sweax attached.