Who we are

Sweax International is a privately owned Global Enterprise, selling its underarm liner products worldwide.

Sweax is a recognised branded leader in the innovative personal hygiene realm of underarm liners. Sweax are high-quality absorbent and ultra-thin liners for both men and women that prevent those embarrassing sweat marks and help protect your clothing.

Sweax is dedicated to the millions of people worldwide afflicted by the dreaded sweat stain, by delivering an alternative to the detrimental use of anti-perspirants. Sweax products are the natural way to hide sweat.

Embarrassed by your unsightly perspiration stains?

Don’t sweat it. New Sweax Underarm Liners™ for men and women are highly-absorbent, ultra-thin liners that adhere directly and invisibly to your clothing, eliminating visible sweat marks, leaving you dry, comfortable and content all day long!

The Sweax advantage

>> Eliminates visible sweat marks
>> Highly absorbent and ultra-thin
>> Discreet and non visible
>> Soft and comfortable

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