New Sweax Underarm Liners® for men and women are highly-absorbent, ultra-thin liners that adhere directly and invisibly to your clothing, eliminating visible sweat marks, leaving you dry, comfortable and confident all day long!

The Sweax advantage:

  • Eliminates visible sweat marks
  • Highly absorbent and ultra-thin
  • Discreet and non-visible
  • Soft and comfortable

Sweat free confidence...all day!

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  • Daniel
    At first I was sceptical at the idea of putting a liner under my arms but after giving Sweax a try I was hooked. Now I feel naked without it and find myself putting Sweax on everyday and sometimes twice a day if I change my shirt.
  • Marjorie
    After hearing about how dangerous antiperspirants are in the news I wanted to find an alternative. That’s how I discovered Sweax and learned how they were helping to spread the word about the dangers of antiperspirant use. I wanted to support your cause so I am now a regular purchaser and will be telling all my friends and family about you guys!
  • Grace
    Just letting you know that your product is great, it feels very comfortable (it feels like I wasn't wearing anything under my arms) and is easy to peel off my shirt. And also after peeling the pads off, the underarm area still smelled fresh - didn’t have the underarm odour after peeling them off. My hat goes off to whoever invented the underarm liners.
  • Tanya
    I never knew such a product existed. My wardrobe is all black because I always have stains. After using Sweax I now have the confidence to wear the colours I love. I’ll be a customer for life!
  • Samantha
    Thanks to Sweax, I’m no longer worried about going to gym class. I used to skip class all the time because the boys would always make fun of my underarm sweat marks that would show through. Now those nasty, embarrassing marks are gone.
  • Greg
    I’ve been taking Botox injections for the past 3 years and was worried about the future side affects. After hearing about Sweax in the newspaper I decided to forgo my Botox treatment and try Sweax. I’m glad I did. Sweax has been working perfectly for me and is much cheaper than Botox and actually is more reliable! Thanks Sweax!
  • Jim
    Working in a business environment and having pit stains is really stressful. The first day I wore Sweat I couldn’t believe how well they worked. It was such a relief. Much cheaper than replacing expensive business shirts that get ruined.
  • Kathryn
    After being told by a boyfriend of mine that I should look for some products to help with my underarm sweating problem I set out to find a solution. After reviewing countless websites and trying dozens of products, Sweax was the cheapest, fastest and healthiest solution I could find. Great product guys, thanks a million!